Reality Revolution: The Future of Tech and Entertainment

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You know what time it is! Confessions of a Panel-holic! Here is an inside look on some great panel discussions I had the pleasure of attending this past month! If you missed these don’t worry! I’ve recapped them for your convenience! :-)

This panel started off pretty deep! How will our reality shift? Is technology shifting our everyday reality? How will the immersive human-to-machine interface evolve? These are just a few questions from a pointed discussion surrounding the future of technology and entertainment last week. Out of all the panels I’ve attended this one certainly had a very different tone. Some discussions leave you feeling super charged and motivated, others offer more of a supportive environment but this one left you staring off into space wondering what the future might hold 5 to 50 years from now. Luckily for us,  Elina Vanyukhina of ChiVR, Nitya Noronha of Isobar, Keisha Howard of  Sugar Gamers and Sarah Sexton of Voxelles were ready to discuss the future of our reality.


According to these ladies, we can expect to see the emergence of sophisticated artificial intelligence, computers will soon be programmed to empathize with human emotions. Is this the true nature of empathy? Self driving cars and planes will become more emergent; how soon will your everyday consumer have access to technology like this? 3D printers will soon be a household item, we may be able to print almost everything on demand with no need of driving to a store.

The panelists also offered ways to stay in tune with ever-changing technological innovations!

Here are a few:

  1. Self Study, Self Study, Self Study!

  2. Hone your skills and personal brand

  3. Be open to new things, evolve with or ahead of technology  

  4. Don’t forget to stalk Reddit for the latest trends that may be secretly gaining momentum in the shadows!

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