Tech Transit Talk with Women in Leadership at CTA

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) held a Tech Transit Talk in early July showcasing women in leadership in the transit industry. Attendees were able to get a first account of the impressive careers of CTA's strategic leadership, the panelists included Chief of Staff Sylvia Garcia, Chief of Strategy and Technology Veronica Alanis and the Chief Planning Officer Carol Morey.  One major take away from this panel, “all things do not occur in a straight line, our personal and professional journeys are indeed a jungle gym”.

Carole reminded us to wear many hats throughout our careers, each new venture will challenge our comfort zones. Veronica left us with some pointed and powerful words, “navigating a career as a minority is a uphill journey but for every opposer, there are many more that are willing to support you and even more that are willing to follow you". Sylvia recounted her days as a recent graduate from DePaul University cold calling in pursuit of an opportunity with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Although she recalls a number of "curves", Sylvia highlighted the priceless relationships she made along the way. From Presidential Management Fellow in Washington D.C. to CFO of the Department of Transportation and now Chief of Staff at CTA, all by at 31, Garcia made a path where one didn’t exist.

Jamila ParhamComment