Top 5 Tech Tips for your trip to Cuba!

Cuba has all travel enthusiasts scrambling to check this beautiful destination off of their bucket lists! *insert heart eyed emoji's here*  Cuba is THEE travel hot spot for the past year or so, its hard to believe that Americans were just granted permission to travel to Cuba under certain approved travel reasons just last year! I had the pleasure of traveling to this beautiful and majestic country just a week ago and the people and the culture were absolutely captivating! Here are a few tech tips you should know before traveling to Cuba!

  • Phone Service - Depending on your carrier, phone service may range from complete radio silence to limited and very expensive rates. Of course I recommend checking with your carrier beforehand. If you are a T-Mobile customer, lucky for you there are negotiated rates with Cuban carriers. Unfortunately, these rates are still extremely high. The safest bet is to turn your phone on airplane mode the entire time unless WiFi is available!
  • Cuba App - (lime green logo with a white circle illustration) This app was an absolute life saver! Cuba is an offline trip planning app, you can easily access tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants without having a connection!
  • Google Translator App - Before my trip I was told that there is little to no English in Cuba. This was absolutely true in my experience! Either brush up on youy Espanol or download this app now! Be sure to download the Spanish package to use offline.
  • Take your Fitbit / Apple Watch anyway! - Make sure all of your steps count on your next excursion! Your devices may be offline but they will sync later once you are connected to a network or WiFi!  
  • Whats App - This trustee app helps you keep in touch with all of your friends, old and new, all  over the world! Other great alternatives include Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.

Now you are all set! I can't wait to hear all about your amazing trip to Cuba!