City Gal to Arizona State!

2017 hit me like a verde quadruple espresso shot of purpose! I was cordially invited by the wonderful and amazing ladies pictured left and my dear sister Dr. Kira Gatewood! I received a phone call a.k.a bat signal for a diversity super hero. I'm already on-board at bat signal! Back to the story, Kira calls me on a Saturday morning to tell me that Arizona State University has invited me to serve on their diversity panel as a keynote speaker. She tells me that their students could benefit immensely from my experience navigating a male dominated field as woman of color. Of course I accept and the rest is blissful history but there were a ton of things that made this one of the best experiences of my life! 

  • In my speech I stress the importance of mentorship and inspiring students to see reflections of themselves in us BUT I ended up seeing reflections of myself in each and everyone of them
  • I showed up prepared to inspire others but they all ended up inspiring me
  • This experience brought everything full circle, it was like a time machine that recaptured the joy of the journey

There is a fancy quote that goes something like "Don't look back, you will miss what's in front of you" but I think it's very important to look back to see how far you've come. Yes, I like that one much better! Glance back, look at how amazing your journey has been. Your future self is watching you <3

Thank you Arizona State University for giving me my very own time machine!

Jamila ParhamKeynote, Speaker